Canon EOS REBEL T2 / EOS 300X / EOS Kiss 7 is last EOS film SLR camera.

The story goes back to 2018.

The film camera I was using at that time was the Canon EOS Kiss(EOS REBEL XS / EOS 500).
The EOS Kiss was one of my favorite cameras and I really enjoyed using it.

But, as I continued to use the EOS Kiss, I was wondering what kind of camera the last model of the EOS Kiss was.
When I looked it up at the Canon Camera Museum, I quickly knew that it was the EOS Kiss 7(EOS REBEL T2 / EOS 300X).

[Reference]: EOS REBEL T2 - Canon Camera Museum

I understood that the EOS Kiss 7 was the last film SLR "EOS Kiss" and the last EOS film SLR camera to be released.
That fact alone, I Tokimeki about the EOS Kiss 7.

I searched for a used EOS Kiss 7, but when the "EOS Kiss 7" was released in 2004, the era was steadily shifting from film to digital.
Therefore, the number of production is small compared to the previous EOS Kiss 5(EOS Rebel Ti / EOS 300V) and EOS Kiss Lite(EOS REBEL K2 / EOS 3000V).
I had a hard time finding a second-hand item in good condition.
But I didn't give up, and luck was on my side.

Canon EOS Kiss 7 I was able to get the EOS Kiss 7.
The mood is a little similar to when I made metal slime friends in Dragon Quest. :)
Because it's silver color. :)

Canon EOS Kiss 7 It looks similar to the EOS Kiss 5, EOS Kiss Lite.
The size (width x height x depth) is 130 x 90 x 64 mm, and the mass is 365 g (main unit only).
The familiar EF mount is made of metal.

The grip was sticky at the time of purchase, so it was cleaned with absolute ethanol.
The grip shape is curved at the top.
Personally, it's a good impression because I can hold it tighter than I expected.

Canon EOS Kiss 7
Canon EOS Kiss 7
Canon EOS Kiss 7 The mode dial is divided into modes for beginners and intermediate / advanced users with "OFF" in between.

Canon EOS Kiss 7 Each button and cross key are firmly placed in a position that is easy to press.
Since there are 7 AF points, the cross key is very helpful when selecting an AF frame.

There is only one liquid crystal on the back, and the large display provides good visibility.
It supports shutter speeds to 1/4000 seconds, and I think this is the greatest advantage compared to other EOS Kiss series.

Canon EOS Kiss 7
Canon EOS Kiss 7 The battery is two CR2s.
Unlike the EOS Kiss first model, there is no need to prepare a button battery for the date function.
Date / time imprinting is supported until 2099.
While I'm alive, "time of fate" will not seem to come.

Canon EOS Kiss 7 It also has a built-in strobe flash, which is familiar to entry models.
Impression that the position is quite high.

It is no exaggeration to say that the EOS Kiss 7 is the completed version of the EOS Kiss film SLR camera.

After checking the operation, I found that it worked fine, and I was so happy.

So, the shooting results will continue next post. :)

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This is a blog to give to you who are loved about cameras and photos.