Battery packs solve the confusing batteries problem for SLR film cameras.

battery pack

In this post, I will talk about batteries for SLR film cameras.

At the time of posting this, there are two film cameras that I have introduced in my blog, Canon EOS Kiss (EOS REBEL XS / EOS 500) and Canon EOS Kiss 7 (EOS REBEL T2 / EOS 300X).

Both are Canon EOS Kiss series SLR film cameras, but they use different batteries.

battery pack The EOS Kiss uses CR123A.

battery pack
EOS Kiss 7 uses CR2.

I'm confused, even though it's the same EOS Kiss series. :}
In addition, if I imagine that the EOS-1 and other higher-end models use 2CR5, it's already very difficult.
And, these batteries are not readily available at convenience stores, and they are also very expensive.

So, to solve this problem, I bought battery packs.

battery pack Canon BP-8 for EOS Kiss.

battery pack For EOS Kiss 7, Canon BP-220.
Canon BP-220 has a shutter button for vertical position.
Also compatible with EOS Kiss 5 and EOS Kiss Lite.
I had a really hard time getting the BP-220 because there were so few of them on the used market.

battery pack Each uses four AA batteries.

By using battery packs, I can share the same batteries.
Also, AA batteries are economical because rechargeable batteries such as Eneloop are plentiful.

It's not that CR123A and CR2 rechargeable batteries don't exist, but there are not many choices, and the ones that are available have been of questionable quality.
One wrong move can lead to a serious accident, so I want to choose batteries that I can trust.

battery pack

The disadvantage is that using a battery pack increases the size of the camera.
However, I think it looks with the battery pack attached is mind-blowingly cool.
Even if it's the entry model EOS Kiss series. :D

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