Twinkle night illumination photos using Kenko cross filter R-CROSS SCREEN.


The night city is twinkling as the end of the year approaches.
I want to take pictures of twinkling night views.

But this year, because of COVID-19, taking snapshots of the city has a high psychological hurdle.
After all, each other's life and health are important, so I don't want to stay as long as possible in a busy city.

Therefore, in this post, I will post photos of twinkling night views taken in the past.

I used Kenko lens filter, R-CROSS SCREEN.
This filter can generate cross of light.

I used Canon EOS M3 camera and EF-M22mm F2 STM lens.
R-CROSS SCREEN used a product with a filter diameter of 52mm.
Since the filter diameter of the EF-M22mm F2 STM is 43mm, I also prepared a step-up ring.

R-CROSS SCREEN First, when there is no filter.

R-CROSS SCREEN When the filter is attached.

The cross filter has fine linear grooves engraved on the surface of transparent optical glass.
When the light from the bright part of the subject hits it, ray of lines is generated.

R-CROSS SCREEN Since the front frame of the filter rotates, the angle of the cross light can be adjusted.

It is necessary to keep in mind that the appearance of flare differs depending on the size and intensity of the light source, the shooting distance, and the F value of the lens.

R-CROSS SCREEN It is difficult to control a strong light source.

R-CROSS SCREEN It feels good to have a modest light intensity.


I feel that there are more cases of failure, but ... :}
There is no doubt that I learned a lot when I first used a filter for expression, which is not a protector :)

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This is a blog to give to you who are loved about cameras and photos.